Welcome to TOUCH Disc Golf, the ultimate solution for organizing, displaying, and celebrating your growing disc golf collection. Say goodbye to cluttered living spaces and limited storage options, as TOUCH Disc Golf offers sleek and functional disc display solution that seamlessly integrate into your home décor.

With years of expertise and a passion for the sport, founder Adam has crafted top-quality products that cater to disc golf enthusiasts’ specific needs. Whether you’re a seasoned player with a vast collection or a beginner looking to showcase your favorite flyers, TOUCH Disc Golf has the perfect solution for you.

How It Got Started

As an avid Canadian disc golf enthusiast with 18 years of experience in the sport, Adam understands the challenges of maintaining a growing disc golf collection. With backups for favorite flyers, new discs to try, custom stamps, designed dyes, and cherished Ace discs, finding an efficient and stylish storage solution becomes essential. However, traditional storage methods often fall short, leading to clutter and damage to precious discs.

Adam’s expertise as an industrial product designer, combined with over two decades of experience in sports and product design, led him to create TOUCH Disc Golf. He recognized the need for a solution that not only organizes and protects discs but also allows disc golfers to proudly showcase their collection as part of their home décor.

The Touch Disc Golf Difference

TOUCH Disc Golf’s innovative disc display solution is the culmination of extensive research, countless hours of testing, and years of experience in the sport and product development. Designed to follow form, function, and sustainability, the Touch Disc Golf display solution elevates your disc golf setup to new heights.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: The Touch Disc Golf display solution seamlessly integrates into your home décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your disc golf collection.
  • Effortless Access: Say goodbye to rummaging through bins or crates. With Touch Disc Golf, your favorite flyers are always at your fingertips, making it easier to select the right disc for every throw.
  • Showcase Your Collection: Proudly display and celebrate your prized discs, including those cherished Ace discs, with the sleek and stylish Touch Disc Golf display solution.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted with top-quality materials, Touch Disc Golf ensures long-lasting durability, offering a storage solution that will stand the test of time.
  • Created by Disc Golfers, for Disc Golfers: Touch Disc Golf was born out of a deep love for disc golf and a passion for creating the perfect storage solution. As a fellow enthusiast, Adam understands your needs and desires, ensuring that Touch Disc Golf is the only disc golf display solution you’ll ever need.

Join the Revolution:

If you’re ready to take your disc golf setup to the next level, embrace the TOUCH Disc Golf revolution. The first product, the Disc Display, is available for pre-order through their Kickstarter campaign. Be part of this exciting journey and elevate your disc golf experience to new heights with TOUCH Disc Golf.

Disc golf enthusiasts can finally bid farewell to cluttered spaces and limited storage options with TOUCH Disc Golf. Designed by a passionate and experienced enthusiast, this revolutionary disc display solution combines form, function, and sustainability to elevate your disc golf setup. Showcase your collection, organize your discs with ease, and transform your living space with the sleek and stylish Touch Disc Golf display solution. 

Organize, Store and Display Your Disc Golf Collection In Style With TOUCH Disc Golf: Disc Display!

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