About Us

Our mission is to create unique, quality and sustainable disc display solutions that focus on simplicity, efficiency and being built to last.

Designed With The Disc Golf Lifestyle In Mind.

Through our commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, we strive to create disc display solutions that inspire disc golf enthusiasts for generations to come.


Most existing disc golf storage solutions are limited to bins that sit inaccessible and create rub and wear, stacks that clutter up your home, or discs tossed into milk crates in the trunk of your car.


Our innovative designs are a result of extensive research and testing, combined with 20+ years experience in the sport and product development and another 18+ years as disc golfers.


We are revolutionizing the disc golf community’s experience by offering exceptional designs that perfectly complement the disc golf lifestyle.

As a Canadian disc golf enthusiast of 18 years, Adam knows that a disc golf collection continues to grow year over year.

You need backups for your favorite flyers. You acquire new discs you want to try. You purchase custom stamps and even designed dyes to fit your unique vibe and sometimes, you hit Ace’s that you want to retire and celebrate.

But finding a storage solution that organizes and displays your collection has always been a challenge. When searching the market, he found that most solutions are limited to boxes and bins that sit inaccessible and create rub and wear or stacks that clutter up your home. As for wall mounting your discs? The standard has been limited push pins or nails to hold a single disc on your wall.

As an industrial product designer with over 20+ years of sport and product design experience, he recognized the opportunity to create a solution that would seamlessly integrate into his home décor and give disc golfers effortless access to their discs, all while providing the ability to display and showcase their collection.

That’s when TOUCH Disc Golf was officially born.

Founded on the same principles of design used with Shepp iD and Gnarwall, he created a disc display system that follows form, function and simple, sustainable design.

Now, with TOUCH Disc Golf, he always has his favorite flyers at his fingertips. The sleek design adds a level of sophistication to his collection. He’s able to transform his space all while storing, organizing and showcasing his discs in style. And you can too. TOUCH Disc Golf’s first product, the Disc Display, is available for pre-order through our Kickstarter campaign.