Frequently Asked Questions

And answers about TOUCH Disc Golf.

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What is TOUCH Disc Golf?

TOUCH Disc Golf is the leading provider of disc golf lifestyle storage solutions. We design unique, quality and sustainable products that focus on simplicity, efficiency and being built to last! Whether you’re looking to organize your existing collection, display your discs or put your favorite flyers at your fingertips, we have a product that can fit your disc golf needs.

Is the TOUCH Disc Golf disc display system easy to install?

Yes! All of our TOUCH Disc Golf disc display systems are designed to be as easy to install as possible. We provide you step by step instructions, an installation tutorial video and all the hardware you need to set up the product yourself in less than 5 minutes!

Where are the TOUCH Disc Golf products designed?

TOUCH Disc Golf products are designed in Canada by our team of experienced industrial engineers with over 20+ years of sport and product design experience. When possible, our products are built in-house.

What materials do the TOUCH Disc Golf products use?

At TOUCH Disc Golf, we use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Our Disc Displays are made from100% Die-Cast Aluminum and UV Stable Powder Coat to eliminate any potential warping or corroding of our products from normal use. When it comes to wood parts in our designs, we use Ash Wood or Bamboo. As for our packaging, it’s made from organic and biodegradable corrugated paper for easy recycling!

How sustainable are the TOUCH Disc Golf products?

At TOUCH Disc Golf, every material used in the manufacturing or packaging is 100% renewable or recyclable, or both! Although we design our products to last a lifetime, they are realistically recyclable and can be tossed into your local blue box!

How do I order TOUCH Disc Golf?

Our products are NOW Available for pre-order in our online store. Click here to place your order today!

I’m a retailer looking for bulk sales of TOUCH Disc Golf products. What are my next steps?

If you’re looking for disc display solutions for your disc golf store, get in touch with us at to see how we can best fit your needs.

Where can I follow TOUCH Disc Golf?

You can follow TOUCH Disc Golf on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn!