Disc golf enthusiasts understand the importance of regular practice to improve their skills. What if you could transform your backyard into the ultimate disc golf practice haven? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of having a disc holder in your backyard and guide you through the process of installing it on your outdoor wall. Get ready to elevate your disc golf game with the perfect practice setup!

Benefits of Having a Disc Holder in Your Backyard


Having a disc holder in your backyard provides easy access to your discs, allowing you to practice at your convenience without the hassle of heading to a park or course.


A well-designed disc holder keeps your discs neatly organized, making it easy to grab the right one for each shot.

Visual Appeal

Showcase your disc collection in a visually appealing manner, adding a touch of personality to your outdoor space.

Quick Retrieval

Eliminate the time spent searching for discs by having them within arm’s reach, making your practice sessions more efficient.

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Choosing the Right Wall for Your Disc Holder

Before diving into the installation process, consider the following factors:

  • Visibility
    Choose a wall that provides a clear line of sight for your practice area, ensuring you can easily see and reach your discs.
  • Durability
    Select a sturdy and flat surface that can support the weight of the disc holder and withstand the elements.
  • Accessibility
    Opt for a location that is easily accessible, allowing you to quickly retrieve and return discs during your practice sessions.

Installing the Disc Holder

TOUCH Disc Golf’s Disc Display Installation Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Find The Location On Your Wall

Start by identifying the optimal location on your wall for mounting the disc holder. Consider factors like visibility, accessibility, and the overall layout of your practice area. Mounting the holder close to your practice location is key.

Step 2: Level The Disc Display & Mark The Mounting Holes With A Pencil

Using a level, ensure that the disc holder is straight. Mark the mounting holes with a pencil, ensuring precision in your placement.

Step 3: Drill Your Two Pilot Holes

Carefully drill two pilot holes into the marked locations. Be mindful of the wall type and use an appropriate drill bit for the best results.

Step 4: Put Wall Plugs Into Drilled Pilot Holes & Tap In Flush With Your Hammer

Insert wall plugs into the drilled pilot holes, tapping them in flush with a hammer. This provides a secure anchor for the mounting screws.

Step 5: Fasten the Disc Display To The Wall Using The Mounting Screws

Align the disc holder with the wall plugs and fasten it securely using the provided mounting screws. Double-check for levelness and stability.

Tips for Organizing and Maintaining Your Discs on the Wall Holder

Categorize by Type
Arrange your discs by type (understable, overstable) for quick identification.

Regular Checkups
Periodically inspect the disc holder for any loose screws or signs of wear to ensure its longevity.

Rotate Discs
Rotate your discs regularly to prevent prolonged exposure to sunlight on one side.

Utilizing Other Backyard Features for a Complete Practice Setup

Enhance your backyard disc golf practice setup by incorporating additional features:

Putting Basket
Install a putting basket for focused short-game practice.

Obstacle Course
Create a challenging course using natural elements like trees and bushes.

Seating Area
Include a comfortable seating area for spectators or relaxation between rounds.

Enjoying the Convenience and Efficiency of a Backyard Disc Golf Practice Setup

With your disc holder securely installed, you’re now ready to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a personalized backyard disc golf practice setup. Maximize your practice sessions, improve your skills, and make the most of your outdoor space as you elevate your disc golf game to new heights. Happy throwing!

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